We promise to give trust and best quality to customers.

For over 30 years, Taelim Industrial Co., Ltd. had been focusing on producing and exporting automobile steering systems to over 10 countries including the US, Europe, and South East Asia.

As a result of rapid changes in the automobile industry and shift of the market to electronic products, however, we realized the limits in producing a single item. Now, the general agreement among the staff was that we need to move on to module parts, and the company has been focusing on module part development for the past two years based on our 20 years of experience in rack tube and extensive knowledge related to automobile steering systems, until we successfully developed the world-class I-Shaft.

As we understand that clear understanding of the product, global trend, and importance of safety in that our products can have serious consequences on our customers’ lives, we will deliver only top-quality products.

With our experience and technology related to processing and automation, Taelim will continue to make effort and achieve innovation without limiting ourselves to only steering system parts.

Dear Customers,

Taelim Industrial promises to strive so that our brand value, i.e. safety of our colleagues and customers, is realized and trust and reliable image of the company is imprinted in the customers’ mind, by continuously providing high-quality products.

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